Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Private Internet Access (PIA) Sold to Israeli Firm

This is old news but I have been thinking about it lately because my PIA subscription is about to end.

PIA(Private Internet Access) had a pretty solid reputation in the community with challenges in court from law enforcement attempting to gain access to their VPN logs and PIA did not give up the logs. It is the loyalty to their customers that made them one of the best VPN providers. has observed that PIA users are not happy about this move and many PIA subscribers are moving to other VPN providers: 

Users took to different forums expressing their disappointment and how they were “ready to jump ship.” The reason? Kape happens to have a not-so-bright past shedding doubt on the ability of PIA to protect the privacy of its customers under their control.

To further elaborate, Kape Technologies was originally found under the name of Crossrider in 2011 developing advertising apps until they changed their name in 2018. However, their software was treated as malware by companies such as Malwarebytes and Symantec begging one to ask, how can such a company despite rebranding itself change the shoddy culture that it had?

I am currently looking for a new VPN provider and if you are a PIA member, you should probably investigate for yourself to determine if you want to go with another provider.