Monday, October 28, 2019

Katie Hill -- Nazi Democrat

Katie Hill is a Congresswoman from California. I do not care about her sexual lifestyle,fetishes, or anything of that nature. I do care about the iron cross tattoo that she has near her genital area!

The iron cross is one of the symbols that the Nazis used and that white supremacists currently use as tattoos. Now what is interesting is that she is a Democrat. Democrats like to preach about inclusiveness but they are still operating under a system of white supremacy and most will do anything to protect that system. This woman has probably smiled in the face of Blacks yet she is a hardcore white supremacist.

What this should tell you is that you should not trust any political party because both are controlled opposition to herd the people and make sure they do not vote for true change. Republicans are in your face with their prejudices but Democrats are deceptive in that they will smile at you and act like they love Black people but then go and actively work against anything that will benefit Black people.

The propaganda machine known as the United States Media are focusing on the nudity and completely ignoring the bigger story of the iron cross tattoo.

Do not listen to any of the excuses that her team puts out on social media. The tattoo she has is not the logo of a skateboard company. It is the symbol of white supremacy!

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